Friends of the Force
Friends of the West Lampeter Township Police Department   


Equipment Purchased by the Friends of the Force

Pictured above is one of the Safety Lockout Tool Kits opening a locked car door.  These tool kits are lifesavers when your child or pet is accidently locked inside your car.  On a summer day the inside temperatures can reach 120 degrees. This kit can open a locked car door without dame to the door or the wearher strip. 

Decatur 350 on-site radar display speed timing trailer to be used for the purpose of advising motorists of the allowed speed and their current speed while traveling on roadways through the township. This portable, stand alone, solar powered speed timing radar unit and trailer provides affordable traffic control where needed. The unit is in demand for use near our schools and other high traffic volume areas and greatly contributes to reduced speeding, collisions, and injury.collisions, and injury.


Four Glock semi-automatic tactical training pistols replicating cosmetic attributes such as dimension, weight, feel, control placement, and handling as regular duty pistols. Made of corrosive-resistant reinforced red polymer, these training pistols are rugged and easily identifiable as “safe” training weapons. Possessing the same mechanics and automations of actual pistols makes this the perfect training instrument in the acquisition of skills, proper handling, transporting, retaining, and presenting through intensive and extensive security drills.

Four ceremonial uniforms to be worn by the department's newly formed Honor Guard at funerals and ceremonial events, these uniforms not only convey the department's respect but also promote civic spirit and pride between our citizens and the police.


This Nikon D5000 state of the art digital camera replaced a ten year old camera the department was using. This camera will be used primarily to photograph crime and accident scenes with the capability of panoramic shots, as well as highly detailed closeups such as finger prints.  

Two Baker Ballistic Shields offering increased protection to officers during high-risk approaches to armed individuals have been supplied to the department. These shields offer a lone law enforcement officer extensive ballistic coverage and provides a natural two-handed weapon platform. Rated NIJ Level IIIA, these shields provice reliable protection against most handgun and shotgun threats, as well as blunt trauma injuries.

The CSI 250 Ground Search Metal Detector is designed for crime scene investigations and evidence location.  Items are displayed on its LCD display. Its superior technology can accurately detemine the type of metal and even the caliber of a small shell casing.

Thirteen LED Tactical Lights that snap on to hand-held weapons, enabling enhanced illumination for officers in darkened environments. These lights allow for positive identification of potential offenders and innocent victims.

Five GPS Modems with Antennas for mounting on underneath police cruisers for direct interface with Lancaster Coutywide Communications.  These units allow for direct interface with County's tracking system for real-time location and status of police vehicles while on patrol, providing a valuable feature for ensuring officer safety. 

Front mount push bumpers for three newest police cruisers.  These newly installed push bumpers are the first time this type of equipment has been utilized on West Lampeter Township police vehicles.  These push bumpers are an officer safety feature for moving vehicles at accident scenes under emergency circumstances, as well as moving injured large animals from roadways.   

Table mount ammunition clearing trap provides officer sagety while loading and unloading their firearm.  This safety chamber unit is permamntly placed in the police department armory and will enhance overall departmental safety while handling firearm ammunition.